The Best Bitcoin Casino VIP Sites

If you are someone who likes to spend a lot of time and money playing at a Bitcoin casino, then you will want to find that casino that rewards you for doing so – one that you know isn’t taking you for granted. 

On this page, we will look at the very best Bitcoin VIP casino sites and rewards, along with all the perks and benefits of claiming the bonus and how you can qualify to become a VIP player.

Our Top Recommended Bitcoin VIP Casinos

Get €500 or 5BTC + 180 Free Spins
20 Instant free spins + 160 (20 per day, starting in 24 hours). A minimum deposit of €20 is required to receive the 180 free spins. Full Terms..
$6000 Welcome Package
This promotion is open to first-time depositors only. Full Terms.
Up To $20,000 Bonus
This promotion is open to first-time depositors only. Full Terms..
250% Bonus Up to 1 BTC
This promotion is open to first-time depositors only. Full Terms..
20% cashback up to 10,000 USDT
his promotion is open to first-time depositors on Bitcasino. Full Terms..
100% Up To €/$500 + 100 Free Spins
Min deposit €/$10. The total amount of 100 Free Spins will be given in 2 packs of 50 Free Spins. Full Terms..
110% Deposit Bonus + 250 Free Spins
Deposit at least 1 mBTC to receive 110% bonus (up to 1.5 BTC), deposit more than 5 mBTC to receive 250 Free Spins as well. Full Terms..
No Bonus
No Bonus Available
75% Reload + 75 Free Spins
Deposit a minimum of 0.002 BTC; 50 USD. Full Terms..
Welcome 100% Bonus up to $300 or 1.5 BTC + 100 Free Spins
The minimum deposit requirement to qualify for any part of welcome bonus is 0.001 BTC or equivalent. The maximum bet per spin while wagering any bonus from Welcome Package is 0.000047 BTC or equivalent. Full Terms..

Become a Bitcoin Casino VIP Today

Let’s face it, we all want to feel special – and we all like to feel as though we are being treated like Very Important People (or Players). Those who don’t spend that much time or money may be happy with a few free spins and bonus credits as a reward for playing their favourite Bitcoin casino games. 

However, real big spenders will want the red carpet treatment. They will want to be treated like casino royalty. These will be the ones that have their eyes on the Bitcoin casinos that offer the best VIP reward programs.

Bitcoin casinos know this – and that is why there are now some that offer some very impressive VIP rewards and loyalty programs – and they are becoming ever more popular.

No matter whether it is a traditional land-based casino, a fiat currency online casino or a bitcoin casino, every casino wants to keep its highest paying players happy. They certainly don’t want them to be lured over to their competitors, so they keep topping them up with goodies and bonuses.

So, if you do consider yourself a high roller, then what type of rewards should you expect as a recognised Bitcoin casino VIP player? 

Our above-listed VIP casinos offer some of the very best VIP schemes – giving you the very best deals and offers. We will check out some of the goodies and perks you can get when you become a VIP player.

Why Would a Bitcoin Casino Offer a Player VIP Status?

VIP programs are designed to make players feel special and important. However, they know that they should treat regular players just as well as high-rolling players, which is why many offer both VIP programs (for big-spending players) and loyalty reward schemes for regular players.

Whilst these are mandatory, most Bitcoin casinos know that they need to keep players interested – and they need more than just a few nice reload bonuses to keep those big players… which is where VIP rewards programs come into play.

When VIP players play any of the games on the casino website, they can start earning loyalty rewards points. This means that the more often you play, the more points you can earn and the quicker you can start climbing up the ranks of importance. The good news is that you can earn points on all different types of games – slots, table games, speciality games and even sports betting. This means that all types of players can benefit.

Different Types of Bitcoin Casino VIP Reward Schemes

Here are some of the different types of VIP programs you might find at Bitcoin Casino VIP sites.

Tiered VIP Programs

One common type of Bitcoin casino VIP program is a tiered system. These programs offer different levels of rewards based on the amount of cryptocurrency that a player deposits or wagers. Basically, the more a player spends, the higher their VIP status and the better their rewards.

For example, a tiered VIP program may have three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Players who deposit or wager a certain amount of cryptocurrency would be eligible for each level – and will rise through the rank accordingly. 

  • Bronze members may receive a small cashback bonus on their losses, 
  • Silver members may receive a higher percentage of cashback and access to exclusive promotions. 
  • Gold members may receive even higher cashback and additional perks, such as personalised account management and faster withdrawals.

Essentially, a tiered VIP program incentivises you to spend more cryptocurrency on a casino’s platform. They also create a sense of exclusivity, as only the highest rollers are eligible for the top tier of rewards.

Points-Based VIP Programs

Another type of Bitcoin casino VIP program is a points-based system. You can earn points for every cryptocurrency wager, and you can then redeem those points for a variety of rewards such as cashback or free spins.

Points-based VIP programs are popular because they offer rewards to players of all different levels. Even if you don’t spend large amounts of cryptocurrency, you can still accumulate points and redeem them for smaller rewards. However, if you do start to spend more, then you will earn points faster and be eligible for even larger rewards.

Some Bitcoin casinos also offer tiered points systems, where you can earn points at a higher rate once you reach a certain VIP level. For example, as a Silver member, you might earn points at a 1.5x rate compared to the 1x rate you got as a Bronze member. Then, when you make it to earning a Gold membership, you might then start to earn points at a 2x rate.

Hybrid VIP Programs

Some Bitcoin casinos offer hybrid VIP programs that combine elements of both tiered and points-based systems. These programs may offer tiered rewards based on your Bitcoin spending, as well as points that you can redeem for additional rewards.

Hybrid VIP programs are popular because they offer a range of benefits to players at all levels. Even if you don’t spend large amounts of cryptocurrency, you can still accumulate points and redeem them for smaller rewards. 

However, if you are someone who does spend more, you will also be eligible for tiered rewards and additional perks.

What to Expect When You Join a Bitcoin Casino VIP Program

No matter what type of VIP casino program you join – tiered, points or hybrid, you will often be able to enjoy a variety of different perks. Let’s take a look at  some of the main ones:

Points Conversion Rates

Pretty much all of the VIP systems are based on accumulating points for making your bets. How these are used will depend on the type of system. 

  • Firstly, in a tiered program, you collect points to climb the different levels.
  • Secondly, you can gather as many as you can and then redeem them for bonuses and prizes based on how many you have accrued.

Occasionally, you will be able to spend your VIP points in a special shop for VIP prizes. 

Better Free Spins and Cashback Rewards

When you become a Bitcoin casino VIP member, free spins deals and cashback offers are two of the most popular bonuses you will come across.

Free spins are great because you can spin the reels of some of the casino’s best slot games for free – still with the chance of winning real money. These will be valid for the games specifically selected by the casino and are usually worth the slot’s minimum spin when using all active paylines. 

Then we have cashback offers, which are better for players who like to play a wider selection of games. If you lose money over a set time period, you will get a small percentage of your money back… usually wager-free.

As a VIP member, the higher up the scheme you climb, the more free spins you will receive and the higher your cashback percentage will be.

Exclusive Deposit Bonuses

Most Bitcoin Casino VIP programs will also dish out even bigger and better exclusive deposit bonuses and even more rewarding reload bonuses. These work in the same way as the initial welcome bonus, but their value and worth will certainly be affected by how high up you are in the VIP program. The higher you are, the bigger the rewards – although the minimum deposit to claim these offers might also be significantly higher as well.

Tailor Made and Personalised Promotions

Bitcoin casinos can see exactly what you like and monitor which games you spend most of your time on. When you become a higher-ranking member of your Bitcoin casino, it may start to reward you with bespoke, tailor-made and personalised rewards. 

These will be based on your regular betting and gaming activities – such as free spins on your favourite slot games or a special live casino bonus etc.

Invitations to VIP Competitions and Tournaments

If you are a player that regularly takes part in the Bitcoin casino’s tournaments and events, then, as a VIP member, you may receive invitations to more exclusive VIP competitions and tournaments. These are usually only open to the elite – often with higher table limits. They may also be based on specific VIP games or have prize pools based on your specific VIP loyalty tier. 

Faster Response Times

Most good Bitcoin casinos will offer all of their players live chat or instant message customer support. It’s good practice. However, many casinos are busy and rushed – and often, those instant message services are anything but instant.

However, if you are a higher-tiered VIP member, then you won’t need to worry about that as you will be given your own dedicated account manager who will be there whenever you need it straight away. This personal manager will go out of their way to meet your needs, whatever they are, as soon as they can

Faster Cashouts and Higher Withdrawal Limits

Although you might think that being a VIP is all about claiming bonuses, not all of the perks of VIP membership are cash or prize-based. Sometimes you get more privileges as well. Two of the main examples of this are quicker cashouts and higher withdrawal limits. Obviously, the bigger your bets, the bigger your wins – so you don’t want to be hampered by low withdrawals right?

Well, that’s exactly why Bitcoin casinos often give VIP players higher withdrawal limits – and they let you get to your winnings even quicker than standard players.

However, remember, not all VIP programs offer all these perks. The Bitcoin casino you choose may just have a few of these benefits – and there will be some that have more than others. That being said, these are the main perks you will come across at standard Bitcoin casino VIP programs and some of those we look out for when choosing our top recommended VIP sites.

The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Casino VIP Programs

Here are the main pros and cons of becoming a VIP member:


  1. Exclusive Bonuses – VIP members often receive exclusive bonuses that are not available to regular players. These bonuses may include free spins, cashback, or deposit bonuses.
  2. Higher Limits – Often, VIP members are given higher deposit and withdrawal limits, allowing them to play with larger amounts of cryptocurrency.
  3. Personalised Support – Most programs will give VIP members access to dedicated account managers who can provide personalised support and assistance.
  4. Faster Withdrawals – VIP members often receive priority processing for withdrawals, allowing them to receive their winnings more quickly.
  5. Access to Exclusive Promotions – In some cases, VIP members receive invitations to exclusive promotions and events that are not available to regular players.
  6. Increased Cashback – High-spending players might receive higher percentages of cashback on their losses, allowing them to recoup some of their losses.
  7. Access to Exclusive Games – Some Bitcoin casinos offer exclusive games that are only available to VIP members. These games may have higher stakes or better payouts than regular games.
  1. Personalised Rewards – Some Bitcoin VIP casinos offer personalised rewards to their high-roller members. For example, it might offer a VIP member a special bonus on their birthday or anniversary.
  2. Increased Security – VIP members may receive increased security measures to protect their accounts and cryptocurrency.


  1. Higher Minimum Deposits: Many of the VIP bonuses will come with higher minimum deposit limits.
  2. Higher wagering: Check the T&Cs of the offers as sometimes the biggest VIP bonuses will have higher wagering requirements.

However, if you are a player that can afford the big sums of money it takes to be a VIP player, the higher deposits and wagering requirements shouldn’t cause a major issue.

If you are a big spender, then enrolling in a VIP program is a no-brainer. Bitcoin casino VIP programs offer a range of benefits to high rollers. They incentivise players to spend more Bitcoin on casino games, while also creating a sense of exclusivity and personalised support. 

Remember, these programs aren’t open to all.  VIP programs will have certain requirements, such as a minimum amount of cryptocurrency deposited or wagered, and you should always read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up.

How to Join a Loyalty Club and Claim Your VIP Bonuses

How you join a loyalty or VIP rewards program depends on the casino. In some Bitcoin casinos, you will be enrolled on the loyalty scheme as soon as you register for a new account. Then, you start earning points straight away to take you up the different levels.  

However, if the Bitcoin casino offers a VIP program rather than simply a loyalty program. For these, you will only be able to join if you are personally invited. The casino will personally check which players spend the most time and money on the site. To be considered, you will need to bet frequently with large sums of money.

How to Claim Bitcoin Casino VIP and Loyalty Rewards

How you claim your rewards will depend on the type of system that the casino employs. For example, a lot of the best Bitcoin casinos use points and tier-based systems. These usually unlock rewards at regular intervals – daily, weekly or monthly – and sometimes they are triggered by reaching a new tier or when it’s your birthday etc. Other VIP rewards systems will dish out rewards if you manage to complete tasks and accomplishments – or just simply at random, as and when they feel like it.

Ultimately, the only way to know how to claim your different rewards and bonuses is by opening up your Bitcoin casino and reading the terms of that VIP program to find out more.

Conclusion: The Best Bitcoin Casinos with Top VIP Bonuses

As the popularity of Bitcoin and online casinos continue to grow, Bitcoin casino VIP programs are becoming more common. These programs offer a range of benefits to high rollers, including exclusive bonuses, personalised support, and access to exclusive games and promotions.

No matter what Bitcoin casino you open up, you are very likely to find a decent rewards system – a VIP rewards system, loyalty rewards system or similar. On its rewards scheme page, you will be able to find out everything you need to know about the system and the bonuses and rewards on offer – so you know for yourself whether it’s the best one for you.

However, we have done all the real work for you. All of the Bitcoin casinos on this page offer superb VIP and loyalty reward schemes – that cater for all types of players. We have checked and vetted them all to ensure that they offer only the highest quality service.

Always remember, you should carefully consider the requirements and benefits of a VIP program before signing up and only spend what you can afford to lose.

Bitcoin Casino FAQs

  • Are Loyalty Programs and VIP Clubs the Same?

    No, they aren’t. Loyalty rewards schemes are for regular players – and they benefit all types of players with all budgets, as long as they play regularly. Many casinos will enrol players into the loyalty scheme immediately. However, VIP programs are for big budgets only. You will have to be invited into one of these and it is for only their exclusive players that spend lots of money.

  • Can Bitcoin Casinos Offer VIP Schemes and Not Loyalty Rewards?

    Yes. There are several Bitcoin casinos that offer a VIP program and not a regular loyalty rewards scheme. They rely on their regular reload bonuses to keep regular players happy and save all their best rewards for the high-spending players.

  • Why are Some Tiers By Invitation Only?

    The highest tiers will offer the very best promotions and bonuses. These rewards are reserved only for those players who spend vast sums of money on the casino and bet practically every day. The top tiers want to reward these players only – and the casino will decide whether or not you have earned your place amongst the elite.

  • Will I Have to Maintain My Status?

    Usually, yes you will. There may be a few Bitcoin casinos that will allow you to keep your VIP status if you stay away from the casino for a month or two, but most will ask for a ‘minimum commitment’ that you need to fulfil every month in order for you to keep your privileged status – and access to your VIP perks and rewards.

  • Can I Qualify for VIP Player Status at a Bitcoin Casino Immediately?

    Yes, sometimes you can. There are some Bitcoin casinos which are for VIP players only – and they even offer a special VIP high-roller welcome bonus. If you claim the high roller welcome bonus, then the casino may well consider you to be a big spender immediately and you might be granted automatic access to the highest tiers of the VIP system. However, this isn’t the case with all Bitcoin casinos – many will require you to graft for your spot. Make sure you check the qualifying terms of the site first.